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Rankbrain…Top Ranking Factor in 2019?

What is RankBrain?

SEO CompanyRankbrain is Google’s name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system has been put in place to help the search engine process search results and provide relevant information to users.It was first introduced in 2016 but has slowly devoloped with learning serch and behavioural patterns from most time. In 2018 as new google updates are rolling out and slamming sites with bad backlinks history, Rankbrain is making its place quitely as a top ranking factor in months to come.You can find detailed strategy to get your sites ready by clicking here.


As an artificially intelligent machine algorithm with the ability to learn, RankBrain has the capability to adapt and gain knowledge about the intentions of search engine users and the type of information they seek. It is a machine-learning system that allows Google to give context to complex search queries. In 2016, Search Engine Land conducted a Q&A with Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, in which he stated that content and links were the top two ranking factors. People have made predictions that machine understanding and artificial intelligence is going to grow more important as days go by. If you develop and improve your content, you will definitely notice an improvement in your Google ranking.

Since the focus is now on quality and matching human search intent, by sharing the specifics of what type of content RankBrain seeks, Google is making it easier for users to find desirable information on the internet. At one time, you just had to do an optimized page for the term dailymotion” which was disposed in the URL, the title tag, the H1 and 20 times into the content to put your page in the first pages of Google (I even knew a directories” type website which was ranked 2nd in ). But as the user which is looking for this term is actually looking for a specific website, or at least for videos, and not for a directory or a dumb optimized page, the page was misleading the user, or rather, the search engine.

It’s not, strictly speaking, a ranking factor the way links and keywords are, but it is a central factor in how Google delivers organic search results, so it’s worth our time. RankBrain’s success has been helping out Google’s hand-coded search algorithms by responding more agilely to never-before-seen queries. In addition, being a machine learning system, RankBrain is constantly improving itself, while at the same time, Google algorithms are being updated and further developed.

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