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Importance of Trust Flow and Citation Flow

What are trust flow and citation flow?

Local SEO ServicesThere are a lot of metrics that are taken into consideration when Google determines the page rank of your website. For example, it will check the domain authority of your website, page content, and other factors such as trust flow and citation flow. These are just some of the ranking factors that search engines will use in order to determine how high your website will rank in search page results. So how exactly is page ranking affected by factors such as trust flow and citation flow? First of all, what these two actually are must firmly be established first.

What exactly is trust flow?

The factor that is used to analyze the trustworthiness of a particular website is called trust flow. This kind of metric will measure the quality of the content of a website. Quality is the main kind of data that is being measured. One way that a website’s trust flow is rated higher, is when a particular link leads to your website. If that link is qualitative, then the trust flow of your website will also increase. Getting a high citation flow is generally much easier than getting a high trust flow. So do not be surprised to see your citation flow ratio much higher than your trust flow. An effective way to improve the trust flow of your website is to have qualitative and authoritative backlinks that lead to your website. If your website has got a high trust flow, then it will get an increase in Google rankings. So you may want to have high trust flow so that you can signal to Google that you have got high-quality content on your website, which will organically increase the amount of traffic coming to your site.

What is citation flow?

This is a metric that is used to determine how much influence a link on the site may be. This metric will predict that influence considering the other links that point to it. Unlike, trust flow, citation flow does not check the quality of the links themselves. Instead, it checks the quantity of the links that are pointing to the site. For example, if there are more domains that have got links that point to a particular site or post, then citation flow will determine the link to be more influential. If a link is more influential, then it is going to draw the interest of more readers. And that can have an impact on the readers of your website.

Citation flow is also affected by trust flow as well. If the trust flow of a particular site will increase, then the citation flow of that particular post or site will also get a boost too. Trust flow and citation flow often interact closely, but that does not mean that they will each increase if the other gets a boost. Both of these metrics must be considered if you want to increase the traffic to your site. If your website has got high citation flow, but its quality is poor, which can affect the trust flow, then the traffic to that website and its rankings are going to drop.

What is the importance of these metrics?

So why is it important to check on these flow metrics anyway? Ever since Google PageRank was discontinued, these flow metrics are the only way to check the ranking factors of your website on Google. You will need to check the domain authority, trust flow and citation flow of your website, to see if it will actually rank on Google.

There are services such as MajesticSEO and Moz, which should be able to give you information on the authority and flow metrics of blogs and websites. Previously, you could have just tracked data about your website on Google PageRank. So without PageRank, the only way to keep track of flow metrics is through using Moz and other similar websites.

Can onsite content improve your site rankings too?

Aside from paying attention to flow metrics, there is another way that you can determine and influence your website’s page ranking. The content that you have on your website, is going to play a huge factor in how it will rank in search results. Onsite content, especially content that is high-quality, is going to boost your site rankings by quite a bit. Even trust flow itself can be affected by onsite content, since the better quality of your content, then the higher your trust flow. Gone are the days of just filling your website with poor quality content, just with the right keywords. Nowadays, search engine algorithms, such as Google’s Panda, actively check the originality, quality, and relevance of the content that you have on your website.

What can affect the quality of onsite content?

If you run a website or a blog, you need to focus on filling it with quality content. It needs to include the use of quality keywords, but the actual content that is written in the post must also be useful to the readers in some way as well. And there are numerous factors that can affect the quality of your onsite content.

Relevance – Your onsite content must answer a question in some way. Chances are, readers of your post found it because they were trying to Google an answer for a question. So your post must talk about a specific topic within a niche and be informative about that topic. The focus of the onsite content that is written must be relevant to whatever topic the reader is trying to get information about.

Originality – The content on your website must also be original and unique if it is to have a high-quality. Google does not rank websites on the same search results page if they share some form of content. So you may want to use tools such as Copyscape in order to ensure that your website passes originality quality checks.

Shareability – Your onsite content must also be shareable or linkable if you want it to have a higher ranking. If people cannot gain access to your content, and share its link, then that content is not fulfilling its purpose. Improving the shareability of the onsite content that you have will significantly increase the organic web traffic to your website. And this can also boost its ranking too.

If you are working on your sites or client’s it is important to note that these metrics are driving factors on how your site will perform.Include this as a part of your SEO process and you can see astounding results in coming days.


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