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Rankbrain…Top Ranking Factor in 2019?

What is RankBrain? Rankbrain is Google’s name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system has been put in place to help the search engine process search results and provide relevant information to users.It was first introduced in 2016 but has slowly devoloped with learning serch and behavioural patterns from most time. In 2018 as new google […]

Importance of Trust Flow and Citation Flow

What are trust flow and citation flow? There are a lot of metrics that are taken into consideration when Google determines the page rank of your website. For example, it will check the domain authority of your website, page content, and other factors such as trust flow and citation flow. These are just some of […]

What Is SEO And Its Relevance In 2020

Numerous local business owners might have heard the term ‘Search engine optimization’ (or SEO) from colleagues within their business or perhaps rivals and also may consider it as a way to enhance sales.What is Search Engine Optimization?  A company owner might have attempted ‘SEO services’ in the past and discovered it either didn’t work as well as […]

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